Welcome to our new website, we hope you like the new features that will help you learn more about what and how we provide our transport service to older people and people with disabilities, who have special transport needs.

Providing Transport for older and disabled people.


"Happy Wanderers are "wandering" again"!


Sixteen months like no other!


Covid 19 changed everything for everyone during 2020 and 2021 and it still continues to control everyday lives of people all around the world. In the harshness of reality, many charities have found themselves under great pressure to respond to almost impossible increased demands for their services at the same time as their overall financial situation deteriorated.


Happy Wanderers trustees took the decision to take our mini buses “off the road” immediately the first lockdown began although they have always been ready to respond to any calls for support from those who are delivering the nursing, care and response to those affected by the virus. We registered with the NYCC Transport Response team and we made direct contact with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and Harrogate and Nightingale hospitals and HCAD. In my report last year, I stated that “Happy Wanderers have the resources to come through this period of challenges”. This we have done and we are delighted to announce that we have now started to provide transport services to those older and disabled people we are here to serve; both our buses went out on the road on 1st July in support of the Knaresborough Lions. The buses were both out again soon after and the small bus took a gentleman to Southport on 3rd July on his annual holiday that he had to miss last year. We are slowly receiving more requests for help in August and September and have a booking for December Christmas celebrations!.


In the short term we are reducing the numbers of passengers we are carrying and we have introduced a new risk assessment and "covid safety" procedures for all users and volunteers to follow.

However, the Happy Wanderers are "wandering" again!!!