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Welcome to our website, we hope you like the new features that will help you learn more about what and how we provide our transport service to older people and people with disabilities, who have special transport needs.

Providing Transport for older and disabled people.

Happy Wanderers celebrate our 65th Anniversary in 2023.

(still “wandering after all these years…)



After a very successful and very well attended Musical Celebration Anniversary concert, we now look forward to enabling many older and disabled people “to get beyond their four walls” and “go places and meet people” during 2023.


Founded back in 1958, the Happy Wanderers Ambulance Organisation has focused on providing transport in support of those with special transport needs who are unable to use community or taxi services to stay connected with their family, friends and local community.


Throughout our history we have never raised a charge for providing our transport, we offer this purely as an “act of kindness”.


This is of course very challenging and without the support of our volunteers, supporters, donors and very kind donations from many of our users we would not have been able to keep going. Currently the increased costs of keeping our two mini-buses “on the road” ensure our small trustee’s team keep seeking voluntary income.


We started the year very busy and we are excited that we are helping new groups and local charities, who themselves support older people and we are thrilled that many of our long-standing users are once again confident to go out and about following the past covid restrictions.


A huge thanks as we celebrated “Volunteer’s Week” in June to all our volunteer drivers without whom the Happy Wanderers could not help older people to “wander”.


Every blessing.

Les Sudron - Chair

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