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The beginnings of the "Happy Wanderers" go back to the late 1950’s. A small group of friends living In Harrogate decided to form an entertainment group to give small concert performances throughout the district. The group soon met with success and they found themselves entertaining many clubs and other groups.

 As an opening number to each concert the group sang “The Happy Wanderer“, a hit tune of the time, and they very quickly became known by that title. The people entertained by the “Happy Wanderers" often wanted to show their gratitude for their performances, which were given free of charge and a number of donations were made to go towards the costs of putting on the concerts. As they went around the “Happy Wanderers” soon noticed a gap in the provision of transport for disabled and elderly people to whom they gave many performances. In 1958 the HAPPY WANDERERS AMBULANCE ASSOCIATION was born, with the object of providing free transport for disabled and elderly people in circumstances outside the scope of the NHS.
The Happy Wanderers operates two vehicles from premises in Harrogate (and our current minibuses look very different from our first ones!)

Our VOLUNTEER DRIVERS help people in a wide range of situations.

Our main focus is on taking groups of people on outings to local attractions, shopping expeditions and trips to the seaside, and to church. We also occasionally help individuals who are unable to access other means of transport to allow them to visit family or friends for special events or, exceptionally, to attend hospital or surgery for medical appointments. A number of care homes use our minibuses for outings for their own residents, usually providing their own accredited drivers.

Recently found pictures of our Happy Wanderers founders Enid & Sidney Moore loaned to us by their Grandson Andy Moore from Harrogate.
Also shown on the HW Bus picture are co-founders John & Mary Worsnop and Ian Bell

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